Flu Shots – know your options

It’s hard to miss the marketing efforts for flu shots this time of year. In hopes of reducing employee sick time, many employers offer the vaccine free to their employees. If you’re not “lucky” enough to have that option, your physician’s office or local pharmacy will be happy to help you out.

But did you know:

  • That formulating the vaccine for each year is a guessing game? Each year health officials have to guess which three flu strains to include in the vaccine. They aren’t always right
  • The vaccine uses formaldehyde to inactivate the strains in the vaccine?
  • Thimerosal, which is used to preserve the vaccine is a mercury derivative?

For some people – in certain age groups or living situations – the potential benefits of the flu vaccine may outweigh the risks. But for many others, the opposite may be true.

Dr. Shay urges you to make an informed decision about whether it’s right for you and your family. You’ll find lots of information here.


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