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Chiropractic: the foundation of our wellness offerings.

Chiropractic Office Near Me. Bothell, Washington


At Corner on Wellness, chiropractic care is at the core of all our wellness offerings. Doctors Arthur and Shay will direct your care through all facets of our wellness services, whether conferring with our Ideal Protein life coaches during your weight loss stages, or consulting with our massage therapists as together they discuss the best treatment approach for a target area.

We understand there is no such thing as a “little” pain or ailment. Left untreated, something as simple as a pinched nerve can adversely affect your movement, your daily outlook, and even your sleep. Doctors Arthur and Shay utilize a very “hands-on” approach to care, meaning they rely heavily on the feedback garnered through intuitive touch to guide their treatments and adjustments. Oftentimes this calls for traditional, manual adjustments to align your vertebra and joints. Sometimes patients are adverse to the “pop” of such alignments, so we also utilize the imperceptible and lightning-quick adjustments provided by the Impulse iQ Adjusting Instrument® (see below for more details).


30 days to wellness. It’s our goal, and our promise.

As part of your wellness journey, the extent you wish to include chiropractic care is always up to you. Often patients come to us the first time with a chronic pain or ailment. Our goal is to get you out of pain as quickly as possible, and if we haven’t been able to identify, treat, and minimize the cause of your pain within 30 days we will be happy to refer you elsewhere. Though we’re typically successful in treating your ailment and correcting the underlying conditions causing your pain, we never push to put you on a chiropractic “program” afterward. Ongoing chiropractic care is a wonderful tool for prevention and maintenance, but that choice is yours. We’re all about your care here, not salesmanship. It’s a refreshing difference you’ll notice right away.

Welcome to Corner on Wellness. Let’s get started helping you feel better!


State of-the-art chiropractic adjustments.

Chiropractic Office Near Me. Bothell, WashingtonFor those times when manual adjustments aren’t appropriate, we rely on the Impulse iQ Adjustment Instrument. Its high-tech sensor and micro-computer give us vital data relating to how well your spine is responding to each adjustment, automatically tailoring the level of thrust needed on subsequent adjustments and stopping when the adjustment is accomplished. Twice as fast as other instruments and 100 times faster than manual adjustments, we’re able to treat the affected area effortlessly and without the body’s natural inclination to tighten up. Ask us for more details on your next visit!


Chiropractic Office Near Me. Bothell, Washington

Chiropractic Office. Bothell, WA


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