Dietary Supplements

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Dietary Supplements Near Me. Bothell, Washington

Dietary Supplements. Bothell, Washington

How well you feel is often a direct result of how well you eat. The American diet is full of unwanted salt, sugar, and other unnecessary additives, and typically low on the wholesome, energy-enhancing nutrients, our bodies crave. Balance is the key (we’re not saying you have to give up cheeseburgers!), and our full line of nano supplements from BioPharma might just fill some of the nutritional gaps in your diet.

A “nano” food or supplement is just a fancy way of saying they’ve isolated key nutritional attributes (such as omega-3 fish oil, whey protein, minerals, and antioxidants found in green vegetables) and concentrated them for easy and consistent consumption (so if you passed on that salad, here’s your chance to get the nutrients you missed). BioPharma’s line of nano supplements are 100% natural and use no GMO food sources. Plus, there are no pills! The supplements come in the form of an easy-to-ingest powder that you mix with a glass of water for maximum nutrient absorption.

Interested in better nutrition?

Dr. Shay will be happy to review and discuss your current dietary habits and develop a tailored nutrition plan that makes sense for you. Feeling better was never easier.

Dietary Supplements. Bothell, WA


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