Back Support

The body was built for motion.

Extended sitting or driving demands proper support.

The body was designed to flow and move. Staying too long in one position is never advisable (such as on long drives or late nights at your desk), as that can exacerbate existing back issues and prompt sacral pain, or even create a new issue. Add to that improper posture over extended periods (such as sitting on your wallet when driving—a big no-no…) and you can really experience discomfort.

To give your back the support it needs while also promoting proper posture, we can custom fit the right tool to give you proper back and neck support. We offer a full line of back pillows, neck cushions, sit-discs, and sacral wedges.

We’re happy to fit you with a support aid should we discover a problem during a session, but for best results, we recommend an appointment dedicated to properly fitting the right support tool. Just a 15 or 20-minute assessment could make all the difference in your daily comfort. Schedule an appointment today.


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