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In March of 2014, I had hit my heaviest weight ever, was struggling with a knee injury and depressed about it. Exercise was not taking the weight off and I needed to relieve the weight on my knee. My brother (and sister-in-law) had done Ideal Protein, and my brother was feeling better both physically and mentally. He encouraged me to try it.

I am not a big believer in diet fads, but their success was an example of real people that I knew and could see. I watched my brother get healthier, eat healthier and even begin cooking (instead of always turning to fast foods). So I tried it. So far, I am down 50 lbs and 28 inches and my BMI is back in the normal range.

The thing I like best about Ideal Protein is that it works! My biggest gains are:

  • A significant lessening of the pain in my knee (almost normal again), which means less pain medications and greater mobility
  • I have more energy and fewer headaches
  • I like seeing myself in the mirror again

The counseling has made a huge difference as well. I’ve learned to think differently about food and make smart choices, one of which is enjoying more meat. I never realized how little meat I ate and how that lack contributed to my weaker immunity to colds, etc. and slower recoveries. I have color in my cheeks again! ☺ Exercise is appealing again, as an enhancement, instead of a guilt trip. If you are mentally ready to do it (with determination, dedication and discipline), this program really works.

Ann F.


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