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Naturopath Near Me Kirkland, Washington

Naturopath Near Me Kirkland, Washington

Dr. Nicole Anderson moved Anderson Natural Medicine to our facility in 2013. Having been a chiropractic patient of ours for years, she knew the type of fun, family atmosphere we offer here. We’re thrilled that she’s added her own upbeat and caring outlook—and considerable expertise!—to the mix. We know what a true professional Dr. Anderson is and have seen first-hand how her comprehensive approach to naturopathic medical care garners effective results.

We believe that naturopathic care is the ideal complement to chiropractic and massage therapy in bringing you whole body wellness. Having Dr. Anderson’s expertise under our roof means we have yet another avenue to address any wellness issues you might be facing. We’ll happily refer you to Dr. Anderson (or other doctors for that matter) if there is something needed beyond our realm of treatment. Her involvement in your care is always at your discretion.

While Anderson Natural Medicine is a separate business, Dr. Arthur and Dr. Anderson do coordinate our therapeutic exercise (rehab) efforts. For your convenience, any therapeutic exercise sessions conducted by her will be billed through Corner on Wellness.



Naturopath Near Me Kirkland, Washington



Dr. Nicole Anderson, N.D.

Dr. Anderson’s passion for helping you achieve wellness comes from having once had her own health threatened by workplace toxins. In her previous career as a chemical engineer and research scientist for 11 years, she became ill due to exposure to some of the materials she was working with. Suffering from memory loss, concentration issues, and severe skin conditions, she sought out the healing care of naturopathic medicine. It was through her own healing process that she became enamored with the science behind the results, and a new career path of naturopathic medicine was born.

Dr Anderson received her naturopathic medical training at Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA

Yes. Dr Anderson was trained at New England School of Homeopathy and is Certified for Kinesio Taping, Level 3.


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