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Whiplash Associated Disorders - Auto & Car Accident Neck Injuries, Bothell, WA

Whiplash-associated disorders (WAD) can be a challenging condition to treat, and the current data suggests that up to half of Bothell, WA WAD patients may continue to experience pain and disability for up to a year following their auto or car accident, slip and fall, or sports collision. Exercise therapy has long been considered a meaningful treatment option for many musculoskeletal conditions, but what does the current medical research reflect with respect to the role of exercise therapy for the WAD patient?

Auto, Car, Truck Accident Injury Neck Pain Relief. Bothell, WA

Auto, Car, Truck Accident Injury Neck Pain Relief. Bothell, WA

In 2021, researchers conducted a systematic review and meta-analysis that included 27 studies in order to gauge the effect of exercise therapy compared with other treatments, placebo interventions, or no treatment. They found that exercise therapy had short-term effects on neck pain and medium-term effects on neck-related disability, but they concluded that “the current evidence is weak” with respect to exercise as a sole treatment for WAD.

However, when used in combination with other treatments, exercise therapy can be quite beneficial to the WAD patient. In addition to the advice to stay active or even start exercising in some capacity (even if that means taking a short walk each evening to begin with), WAD patients may be prescribed more specific, neck/shoulder/upper back exercises to restore posture and strengthen the deep muscles that often become deconditioned in patients with the condition.

In addition to exercise recommendations, your doctor of chiropractic may employ a multimodal approach that includes manual therapies (massage, manipulation, mobilization, active release technique, trigger point therapy, and more); physical therapy modalities (electric stim, ultrasound, class IIIb and IV lasers, pulsed electromagnetic field, traction); patient education (including emphasizing the importance to resume normal activity as soon as possible); and ergonomic assessments (to minimize work stress and strain). When psychosocial barriers to recovery exist, your chiropractor may team with allied healthcare providers that offer cognitive behavioral therapy and other needed services.

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Lisa M.

Dr. Shay is the best chiropractor I have found. She’s trained in many styles of manipulation and can always find something that works. She also listens to everything you say and even remembers between visits and follows up. She takes into account everything going on in your life that may have thrown you out of alignment so that she can troubleshoot and solve the problems instead of just treating symptoms. 

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I feel very lucky to have found Corner on Wellness Chiropractic Center. They have a wonderfully friendly staff, and Dr. Shay performs a thorough exam and history on the first visit—I’m extremely confident in her skills. They also offer massage therapy services and discount package services that save me hundreds of dollars over using insurance. I highly recommend both Dr. Shay and her husband, Dr. Arthur.

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Dr. Arthur takes time and gives excellent care. I have been to at least three other chiropractors and this has been my best experience. I have gone at least 25 times and I can tell you every appointment has been worth it! It doesn't feel like you were just shuffled in and out.

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I am 18 weeks pregnant, and a combination of that plus several year’s worth of car accidents created a disaster in my neck. One sneeze, and it was all over for me. Dr. Shay specializes in pregnancy and pediatric chiropractic medicine and was able to quickly treat my neck. I'm still a little sore today, but I can move a lot more without pain. What's more, Dr. Shay couldn't have a more calm, personalized bedside manner. 

Mark A.

Dr. Shay is holistically focused. She has advised me on my diet and due to chronic digestive issues I described, she recommended food allergy testing which revealed significant gluten and dairy allergies. Through her advice, I've been able to change my diet and over time feel like a completely new person. I fully recommend her to anyone looking for a new chiropractor or who has never been before.


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