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FEVER is not a bad thing

Fevers caused by the body’s immune system are not dangerous. While it can be frightening to have your child run a moderate to high fever, it is simply their body doing what it was designed to do. For all children above the age of 3 months, a fever is actually a good thing. It is…

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Is your child’s backpack heavy enough?

Your first reaction to this seemingly ridiculous question might be “of course, in fact it’s too heavy!” But take a closer look – we’re talking nutrition here. Because we’re parents too, we understand how busy life can get and how hard it can seem to find quick, easy and nutritious snacks. And, from Halloween on…

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What parents can do to help prevent childhood obesity

Researchers recently identified the 3 biggest factors that influence children’s weight. As parents we need to nurture ourselves as well, pay attention to our own BMI and model healthy habits. Here are the things you can do to help your kids: Make sure your whole family gets enough sleep – for kids, anything less than…

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